Disclaimer – “Sure-Hit!” articles may contain some incorrect information. I apologize for my lacking research, and I may revise and correct these works at a later date. As of now, “Sure-Hit!” is a discontinued series.

Hey guys! This is not a traditional episode review, Sure-Hit, or anything like that. This is more of an index for you guys to know how I work for certain write-ups. Hopefully this will establish a better understanding between me and you of my standards and ideas whenever I write. There’s not much else to say, so let’s begin!


How I Score:

Out of a hundred points, I grade based on certain numerical intervals. I try to be fairly loose, since being too strict on scoring would take out the fun of analyzing a fictional game.

Scoring Guide:

  • Class – 5%
    • I check the Type-Moon Wiki page for all the class information, and normally I jot down the major few traits to score. I try to be lenient since the classes are supposed to be a bit flexible in the first place.
  • Skill 1 ~ 3 – 10%
    • I also use the Type-Moon Wiki page for this part, specifically the Skills page. Since the Wiki uses information from Fate Materials and games, it takes into account other Fate sources.
  • Noble Phantasm – 20%
    • I mostly look at the visual effects for this part, but sometimes I search up the NP on the T-M Wiki. There tends to be a ton of unnecessary details on the Wiki page, but I try to condense everything neatly.
  • Character Info – 10%
    • It’s the info on their cards.
  • Background 1 ~ 6 – 5% each, total of 30%
    • The backgrounds are the ones you unlock through bond points.
  • Visual Design – 5%
    • For Visual Design, I count points up from zero, unlike other ones where I start at 100% and mark down. For every correct detail on a character, I’ll add 1 point to Visuals, up to a total of 5 additional points. These will be quite strict, but points can only be gained, not lost.

In addition, I will now have extra points. After some comments on adding passive skills, I decided that I’ll give points for accurate passive skills, but not deduct points for wrong ones. This is because passive skills, by lore, are given to servants when they are summoned, making all of them fictional and often unrelated to anything except class. For example, any Rider that existed in real life would get points deducted for Magic Resistance (since magic isn’t real), which would be quite unfair.

Here are all the extra points and deduction categories:

  • Gender Swapped ( -5 points)
    • Gender Swaps are common, but they are far from accurate. Here’s an easy way of punishing it, but not too much, as the gender-bends often affect the character lore little.
  • Passive Skills (2 per related skill)
    • Most passive skills don’t really work, but the ones that do have some connections will be rewarded some points.
  • Attack Animation (1 per related attack)
    • Some attack animations have nice hidden details that deserve points. They’re rare though, so don’t expect a lot of these.

Another note is that for scoring all of these, I used the Type-Moon Wikia and Cirnopedia. For every skill, NP, or whatever I score, I will search these sites for details, meaning that I will take facts from other games or books (ex. FGO Materials, F/Extra, etc.) and use it while scoring. So for those who think I rely ONLY on the game, I limit the original topics to the game, but I branch out in research. Where else would I find all the Skill descriptions?

Final Rank:

  • 0 ~ 40 : [F/GO Gacha] – Even EX Rank luck can’t save this one
  • 41 ~ 55 : [Maintenance] – Inconsistent, just like F/GO maintenance schedules
  • 56 ~ 70 : [True Name Discernment] – Some accuracies, but definitely needs some work
  • 71 ~ 85 : [Sure-Hit!] – For a game, this is pretty good. Fairly accurate.
  • 86 ~ 95 : [Invulnerability Pierce] – Very accurate with some minor mistakes
  • < 95 : [Nonfiction] – Use this servant for your history projects (don’t actually)

I might change take out some stuff or add some other elements depending on the feedback I get. Sure-Hit is still quite new to me, so it will take some time to find my niche.

Process – Step by Step:

A Sure-Hit episode takes a good deal of time and research. Here’s how I plan everything out.

First, I start by choosing a servant. I don’t plan on repeating two servants of the same classes in a row, and will try to switch classes as much as possible. Other than that, I look at current F/GO event-related servants first, such as servants that are new, in the gacha, or memed up in Reddit. If there’s nothing special, I move on to comments or recommendations from previous posts. Lastly, if there’s really nothing, I simply pick a random one I want to research. Servants I choose will always have to be somewhat interesting for me, as I don’t want to write about anything I have absolutely no motivation for. I’m always listening to suggestions though!

Next, I check the servant’s Cirnopedia page for their information. I proceed to write down their info onto a note document, organizing facts into short bullet points. These bullet points help me score later on.

Screenshot (102).png
These were my notes for Elizabeth Bathory.

Third, I research the servant, looking through fiction, nonfiction, and any other sources that might help. I bookmark all the useful ones and read through them later. After reading, I mark off some bullet points, as mentioned earlier, and take some notes as well.

Afterwards, I proceed to write the episode, which takes me a several hours over a few days. I first write everything down on a Word document.

Lastly, I post the episode first onto my website, then onto Reddit. Converting everything into Reddit format takes about 10 to 20 minutes.

That’s about it! It really is interesting to research various servants, and as a person who loves random facts about anything, I enjoy sifting through websites and books across the vast and dangerous internet.


And with that said, I believe this short guide is over too! I hope you guys find this useful or interesting (or both), and feel free to comment or message me. I’m open to all feedback, both positive and negative, but I do prefer the more polite ones. Thanks!