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My name is Tale, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you for coming here. Few people even visit this website, nonetheless read the “About” page! So thanks for that.

I’m an avid anime fan, passionate in watching anime as well as industry research. I’d describe myself as having a fairly broad taste, enjoying anything from seinen drama to shounen battle series. However, I generally find shows that contain applicable real-life themes and pose multifaceted questions to be a bit more appealing, as they give more to remember and analyze. Speaking of analysis, I love analyzing anime, with my specialty probably being music analysis. Story analysis and character studies are enjoyable too.

Main uploads on this site will consist of analysis articles and reviews to the mix, but I do want to focus on more anime-music based content.

More information on me and my website are below, but other than that, thank you for your visit, and enjoy your stay!

More on Me

I’ll be starting reviews on this site soon, and it’s my belief that to be a good reviewer, one must establish his or her own ideas and tastes to the audience. After all, what does a 10/10 mean from me when you don’t even know what shows I enjoy? So here are some basic facts.

I’m a student writer who’s still studying and working, so my uploads tend to be pretty infrequent. I use a lot of my free time to watch and write about anime, and I’m working hard to improve my writing.

Anime I mainly enjoy, as stated above, are mostly the ones with deeper meanings in them. But to be more specific, urban-fiction, science-fiction, seinen, and drama are my personal favorite genres. My favorite shows include Fate/Zero, Madoka, Koe no Katachi, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, and Hero Academia, and my favorite studio is easily ufotable.

When I analyze or review shows, there are some critical points for me. First, I need the characters to feel human. After all, if I can’t relate to or understand the protagonist, side characters, or the villain(s), there’s little reason for me to care about the story. Second, I also look for good soundtracks. I believe good soundtracks are ones that fit scenes without problem, but the best soundtracks are genuinely memorable outside of the scenes, and inspire emotions without assistance from the scene itself. I’ll list a few below. Thirdly, I absolutely love well-constructed worlds. And no, I don’t mean Marvel-esque extended universes, but just entirely different, fictional worlds that are full of interesting lore, details, and people (Fate, Noragami, etc.). Lastly, I find the best shows are shaped like circles. What do I mean by that? Well, best shows should have elements that reveal themselves after one complete viewing, and have hints sprinkled throughout the show from the start.

Other than anime, I’m a pretty big gamer, though I don’t play a ton of different games. I mostly play multiplayer with some friends, but I love playing RPGs when I find time. Personal favorites include Fire Emblem, Pokemon, NieR:Automata, and Persona 5.

Lastly, I listen to a ton of music, aligning with my passion in music analysis. I’m currently addicted to EDM and J-Pop, but similar to anime, I’m always trying new genres. However, it does seem that I don’t enjoy most rap songs. I’ll list artists I enjoy below as well.

With that said, that concludes my overly long self-introduction. I hope you learned a bit more about me, and will see where I’m coming from in my reviews and other analysis works.

Some Favorite Musicians: Kenshi Yonezu, Bump of Chicken, xi, Ayasa, Sumika, Aimer, 96neko & Amatsuki

Some Favorite Soundtracks: Maquia – Viator (perfect example of emotion without scene; I cry and I haven’t even seen the movie yet), NieR:Automata OST, Fate/Zero OST, Koe no Katachi OST, Violet Evergarden – Across the Violet Sky, Yuri on Ice!!! – Yuri on Ice, YLiA – Kirameki

Contacting Me

I may be terrified of humans, but I’m not terrified of internet text! Feel free to send me messages through this site or any of these other platforms~~~

  • Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/I_Am_Tale/
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/talecanwrite (@talecanwrite)
  • E-Mail: talecanwrite@gmail.com


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