Disclaimer – “Sure-Hit!” articles may contain some incorrect information. I apologize for my lacking research, and I may revise and correct these works at a later date. As of now, “Sure-Hit!” is a discontinued series.

Hello everybody, and welcome back to another episode of Sure-Hit, a series where I analyze servants and score their historical accuracy. Since there are no special events happening this week (other than the summer re-run), I decided to analyze perhaps one of the most underrated gold servants in F/GO. That’s right, it’s our one and only idol in Grand Order: Elizabeth Bathory! Without much else to say, let’s begin!

Quick Note: I’m not sure how detailed I’ll be, but some of Bathory’s torture techniques are genuinely sickening. Hopefully I won’t be too graphic. Also, I’m only looking at Lancer Elizabeth.

Love-Live? Nah, it’s Fate.

Class [Lancer] – (5%)

Lancers in the Fate universe are known for their agility and close combat skills, as well as their legend with a lance-like weapon in life. They use hit-and-run tactics to make up for their weaker stats in comparison to Sabers.

Elizabeth Bathory wasn’t a fighter in life. She was actually a Hungarian noblewoman who became notorious for torturing girls and women in her castle. Many of these torture methods included the process of “lancing” in order to draw blood. In addition, needles were used often, with one victim’s body being so full of holes that it was described as looking like a sieve. A. Fucking. SIEVE.

This is a sieve, for the uninformed.

Other than these tools she used, Elizabeth also probably wasn’t completely weak, as she was able to overpower many girls and women, once having slapped a girl so hard that blood splattered all over her body.

Class – 4/5


Skill 1 [Charisma C] – (10%)

Charisma is the ability to use one’s charm or natural ability to command or unify a group of people, such as an army or a country. For Elizabeth, it denotes her coercion as a ruling class. Due to her tradition and legend, it has been modified for women. She had a fastidious side towards men, but rarely touched them directly.

For Elizabeth, Charisma specifically represents her control over people using royal authority, threat, and force. This is indeed quite fitting, as she had numerous servants and peasant girls who were threatened or forced to be tortured under her. She put enough pressure on her servants that they were willing to clean up after her mess (blood, gore) without reporting it. As for her reaction to men, Elizabeth is known to have tortured women and girls exclusively, but she wasn’t against the presence of men, since she had a decent marriage with General Ferenc.

Skill 1 – 10/10


Skill 2 [Torture Techniques A] – (10%)

Torture Techniques, fitting to its name, is the representation of torture techniques that one possessed in life. Use of tools increase its effectiveness, and for Elizabeth, it is stronger against women.

Having already established her obsession with torturing women, this skill is an easy 10/10. Some techniques she used in her life (warning: pretty messed-up) included clipping off flesh and skin with a pincer (which could also be heated for branding), cannibalism, and feeding flesh of other girls to her victims. She was also known to bathe in the blood of the victims, especially if they were considered beautiful.

Skill 2 – 10/10


Skill 3 [Battle Continuation B] – (10%)

Battle Continuation is the representation of the will to continue or survive, present in all vampire figures. No matter how many times she is defeated, Elizabeth Bathory will turn up again.

Elizabeth Bathory wasn’t an actual vampire in life, but was an inspiration to Carmilla, a gothic fiction character who is an actual vampire. Therefore, Elizabeth never had the ability to “return no matter how many times she was defeated”. However, she was known to be resilient in continuing torture and avoiding authorities. From the age of 14, Elizabeth found enjoyment in torture of girls and continued until she was arrested at age 50. In addition, she was quite intelligent in avoiding arrest, as she attempted to poison inspectors with nauseating dessert/cake, and nearly escaped with her torture tools and her servants. While not as strong as presented in the game, Bathory definitely had the will to continue her brutal passion.

Skill 3 – 6/10


Noble Phantasm [Bathory Erzsebet] – (20%)

Subtitled “Fresh Blood Demoness”, Elizabeth summons her castle, Prison Castle Csejte, when using her NP. Her castle, appearing to be a stylish stage befitting of an idol, releases hellish music that does not follow the rhythm or pitch to a destructive degree. For me, her singing is so bad it’s almost kinda cute.

First with the basics: Elizabeth’s castle was really called Castle Csejte. Boasting numerous halls, rooms, and of course, torture cells, the castle itself really did exist and acted as a prison for Elizabeth later in her life. The subtitle could also be seen as accurate, since in her life, Elizabeth drew a lot of fresh blood, and was notorious enough to be seen as a demon. Many believed she practiced witchcraft and hired witches and warlocks to aid her torture. As for the entire “idol” business, I could not find much regarding Elizabeth and her musical talent. She could be seen as an idol in the sense that, quite often, Elizabeth needed servants to reassure her of her beauty. Her belief was that by bathing in the blood of beautiful girls, her skin would look prettier. This led to her possibly being the inspiration behind the Wicked Queen in Snow White.

NP – (16/20)

Portrait of Elizabeth Bathory


Character Info – (10%)

The character info states that Elizabeth was the model behind the vampire Carmilla. However, unlike her brutal adult self, this Elizabeth is actually only 14, and is innocent thus far. She considers herself to be an idol, but displays noble, cruel, and high-handed personality, just as she is portrayed in the legends.

Well, first off, Elizabeth wasn’t THE model behind Carmilla, but she was A model. Many other stories of murderers or vampires influenced the creation of Carmilla, a completely fictional character. So for those who didn’t know, now you know that Carmilla is not Elizabeth, despite sharing some similar details. Other than that, it does make sense that Elizabeth is innocent in F/GO, since Elizabeth was married and sent off at the age 14 to live freely. So in her early months as a 14-year-old, before being married, she was still with her family, kept away from torturing village girls. Elizabeth always cared greatly about beauty, so it makes sense that she considers herself to be an idol, considering the importance of beauty in modern day idols. Lastly, her noble, cruel, and high-handed personality would all be true, as she was rarely afraid to use her powers and exercised her authority frequently to take part in cruel torture of girls.

Character Info – 10/10


Backgrounds 1 ~ 6 – (5% each, 30% total)

Background 1 states that Elizabeth originated from Hungary, and is classified as Chaotic/Evil. It also states that she is 156 cm tall, and that her size does not include the tail.

Elizabeth did indeed come from Hungary, and her classification of Chaotic/Evil would fit her, largely due to her torture of peasant girls and her lack of guilt regarding the ordeal. She’s technically 14-years-old in F/GO, so her height would make sense, and her size not including the tail is a no-brainer, since she never had one. (Background 1- 5/5)

Background 2 states that Elizabeth in this form is a young anti-hero with dreams of love. She has a timid nature, causing her to act benevolently to her comrades, making her look almost heroic and, well, like a good human being!

While this Elizabeth has yet to be married, there might be doubts about her having dreams of love, since she was arranged to marry the man Ferenc (pronounced Franz, apparently) since she was NINE. But hey, I’m sure any 14-year girl has some romantic dreams right? Of course, I wouldn’t know (I’m terrible with girls). Anyways, away from depressing reality… She was definitely timid as a young girl, since she was rarely known for speaking out. Compared to her bold, belligerent husband, Elizabeth was quite reserved. Only later did she become more confident as she had to find more girls to torture. Adding to this, Elizabeth, as a 14-year-old, was probably a fairly decent homo-sapien, especially since she had yet to discover her passion in torture. (Background 2 – 4/5)

Background 3 says that since she was raised as a noble, she has little sense of common morality. It also talks about how her skill, “Headache Affliction,” disables her from recognizing others as human, which is not the case Fate/Grand Order.

The fact that she was raised as a noble does not directly point to her lack of common morality. However, it does make sense in Elizabeth’s case, since her entire bloodline was notorious for being psychotic. One character especially stands out: Elizabeth’s aunt Klara. Klara came to Elizabeth after her marriage to teach her some ways to entertain herself, some of which were flagellation, lesbian orgies (I don’t think this was legal), some forms of sadomasochism, and mixology (making drinks, basically). Considering this was the most influential family member, it would make sense for her to have little “common morality”. As for the entire “Headache Affliction” business, I’m fairly certain that skill is from Fate/Extra, which is of course, fictional. My sources never described her having trouble with human recognition, but she was known to have a ton of lovers of both genders, if that counts at all. (Background 3 – 4/5)

Background 4 describes an unusable skill (in F/GO) that Bathory has: “Dragon Breath E”. It also talks about how Bathory became part-dragon. This was due to her family crest relating to a dragon, and her “Innocent Monster” skill transforming her.

The skill “Innocent Monster” transforms someone based on their historical notoriety. Bathory wasn’t thought to be a dragon, but just a horrifying murderer. Despite this, the part about the family crest is quite accurate. The Bathory family crest, or coat of arms, looked like this. It features their original coat of arms, the white triangles called wolf’s teeth, coiled by a dragon, which came later from a legend of a Bathory ancestor killing a dragon. It also relates to their membership in the Order of the Dragon. Perhaps I’m thinking too deeply, but the wolf’s teeth could even relate to her having those cute fangs in some pictures (I don’t know what they’re called, but those fangs on anime characters get me every time). Anyways, the dragon part definitely makes sense. (Background 4 – 4/5)

Bathory Coat of Arms

Backgrounds 5 and 6 talk about her first skill and her NP, so I’ll convert the scores over. (Background 5 & 6 – 9/10)

Backgrounds 1 – 6 – 26/30


Visual Design – (5%)

For visual design, I’ll be looking at all four ascensions and grade based on each accuracy.

So let’s see, the dragon details definitely deserve a point, since the coat of arms was quite important to families. In addition, her eerily pale skin is fairly accurate, since she was known to be quite pale in real life (must have made blood look even scarier on her). Her claws also warrant a point, since she was known for poking people with sharp tools, which transferred into the claws for Fate. Other than that, her pink color scheme matches her relation to the color red, both in the coat of arms and blood-bathing. That’s pretty much it. I have no idea how much My Little Pony they had to watch to draw that third-ascension hat, but it sure is cute, huh.

Visual Design – 4/5



With a total score of 86/100, Elizabeth has shown herself to be very accurate, and deserves something more than just a [Sure-Hit!]. Elizabeth, with only some minor inaccuracies, deserves the first ever [Invulnerability Pierce!]. Congratulations to our crazy-cute idol! But really though, people should try using her more. She’s actually not bad…

Thank you so much for reading! I have some sources linked below, and the Wikipedia links were used just for pictures. To end this one off, let me recount my experience with Bathory. I remember getting super annoyed by Elizabeth in Fate/Extella (only Fate/Extra game I’ve played). She kept coming back for ALL THREE ROUTES. I wanted to punch the living shit out of her for a while, but after I got used to her mindless annoyance, I found her to be kinda cute. So from then on, I started using her in Fate/Grand Order as my only lancer. That’s it! Thank you again, and see you guys next time~~~!




Extra Information (that didn’t fit anywhere):

  • Elizabeth’s husband, Ferenc Nadasdy, was 20-years old when he married Bathory at age 14. Not too weird for the time.
  • Ferenc, similar to Elizabeth, was also a sadist. He was known for brutally ending the lives of Turkish soldiers. As a trick, he would toss a pair of Turkish prisoners in the air and catch them with the tip of his swords. He was nicknamed “The Black Hero of Hungary” for brutally beating both underlings and enemies.
  • Elizabeth used peasant girls for her torture until she realized she wasn’t getting prettier from their blood. Her servant, who was accused of lying to Elizabeth, convinced her that peasant girls don’t have the best blood for making someone pretty, causing Elizabeth to move on to noblewomen.
  • The investigators who discovered Bathory’s torture chambers actually realized that the cake she offered them was poisoned. They were quite smart and capable.
  • One night in solitary confinement, Bathory told her guard that her hands were cold. The guard ignored her complaints. She died the next day.