Disclaimer – “Sure-Hit!” articles may contain some incorrect information. I apologize for my lacking research, and I may revise and correct these works at a later date. As of now, “Sure-Hit!” is a discontinued series.

Hey guys! This is a series of articles I’ll be starting where I analyze servants in Fate/Grand Order to see how historically accurate they are. For each character, I’ll be judging their skills, backgrounds, NPs, visual designs, and classes, and then I’ll be comparing those details to historical evidences to see if they’re accurate.

Originally, my first “Sure-Hit!” was going to be analyzing Gilgamesh, but I decided that our dank queen of France deserved some attention first, mostly due to her amazing lines in the F/GO NA version. Without much else to say, let’s begin!

Whassup My Homies!

Class [Rider] – (5%)

Marie Antoinette is under the class Rider. In the Fate universe, Riders are known for riding anything from animals to human constructs during their lives. Of course, Riders don’t always ride something in hero form, but they are defined by having at least one renowned mount, such as Medusa’s Pegasus or Iskandar’s Gordius Wheel.

As for Marie Antoinette, she was never known for a famous mount. I suppose she did ride some chariots and such in her life as a queen, but none of those were quite special or significant. However, her status as a queen could give her some points. Many Riders in Fate, such as Medb and Quetzalcoatl, also lack a renowned mount, but seem to be Riders due to their position as leaders in life (they ride upon their people, I guess). Since Marie Antoinette was a queen in life, albeit not the most charismatic, I will give her some points for her status as a Rider.

Class – 2/5

Skill 1 [Alluring Voice C] – (10%)

Being a variation of Alluring Nightingale, Alluring Voice mesmerizes members of the opposing sex with a beautiful voice and authority as a royal figure. For Marie, it is specifically stated that it is directed as a “single singing voice”.

So let’s see. Marie, in life, was quite beautiful, but not in voice. She was known to be pretty and visually mesmerizing, but there is little to be found regarding her having a mesmerizing voice. On the other hand, her “declaration of exercise of power by the royalty”, as stated in her Background 5, is fairly accurate for obvious reasons. As a queen, Marie was not afraid to use her powers, as one time she even ordered construction of a fake farm in the castle. So while the skill’s information regarding voice may not be accurate, its details regarding royal authority and Marie’s mesmerizing traits are both quite true.

Skill 1 – 6/10

Skill 2 [Beautiful Princess A] – (10%)

This skill is exclusive to Marie Antoinette, but her Background 4 describes the skill enough to analyze. Through her charismatic and charming nature, Marie is able to draw people around her, causing a knightly individual to protect her at will.

As stated earlier, Marie was known to be quite beautiful and charming, but she didn’t draw in people around her during her life. Marie never did much as queen regarding national duties, indulging in her own activities most of the time while socializing with other nobles. Therefore, many French citizens blamed Marie for problems in France before and during the French Revolution. This continued until her death, so overall, people didn’t really want to protect her despite her beauty, outside of some royal guards (who got paid to protect).

Skill 2 – 5/10

Skill 3 [Grace of God B] – (10%)

Another skill regarding looks, this skill denotes the “beauty of royalty” and is identified by the servant’s great body and looks. (Quick comment to DW: you know there’s other things to Marie than her looks right?)

Anyways, this skill is (obviously) pretty accurate. People during Marie’s time stated that she had a “delicate beauty” to her and that she boasted a near-perfect face. As for her body, Marie was just as gorgeous. That’s pretty much all I need to say to give this skill a perfect score.

Skill 3 – 10/10

Noble Phantasm [Guillotine Breaker] – (20%)

Since there is no description of this NP in Marie’s Backgrounds, I’ll be relying on visual design and the F/GO Material Book for this part. Subtitled “Glory to the Crown of Lilies”, Marie’s NP summons a glass horse imprinted with lilies that symbolize the Royal Crown. Riding this beautiful steed, Marie dashes through enemies, damaging them with radiant particles of light, and also heals her allies and cures them of negative statuses.

First off, there is little relationship between horses and France or the House of Habsburg, of which Marie was a part of. The glass also holds no meaning in relation to the French Crown. However, the lilies that imprint the horse (can’t be seen in game) are accurate to history. Known as the Fleur de Lis, this stylized symbol actually represents a lily, and is often used to symbolize the French royalty. Also, the title of the NP is anything but accurate, as Marie did nothing to stop the guillotines from decapitating her people, and actually ended up dying from one in the end. The subtitle, “Glory to the Crown of Lilies”, is fitting enough, as she was part of the Crown, which was represented by Lilies.


NP – 8/20

Character Details – (10%)

The description states that Marie was a French Queen related to the House of Habsburg who married King Louis XVI in the 18th century. These facts are all completely correct. Moving on, the details say that her existence symbolizes the “rule of the nobility” in Europe, which is fairly accurate. While she may not symbolize all rule in Europe, her reputation as an uncaring and self-indulgent noble did symbolize how citizens in Europe thought of royalties during her life. Especially in France at the time, most of France’s problems was blamed on Marie Antoinette’s lack of compassion, making her a symbol of anti-reform monarchy. Lastly, the passage states that Marie lost her life to the changes of the world where “absoluteness of the royalty was being lost”. This is indeed correct as well. Marie’s death was caused by the French Revolution, a nation-wide revolt in which Enlightenment-fueled citizens tore down the monarchy and massacred numerous nobles, one being Marie Antoinette in 1793. So overall, the character details are perfectly accurate.

Character Details – 10/10

Backgrounds 1 ~ 6 – (5% each, 30% total)

Background 1 describes Marie’s height and weight, which I was not able to find any absolute information on. However, speculation does match the description by around 7 cm by height, so I’ll take this as accurate enough. Her alignment in Lawful/Good, which means that she is both kind in personality and good-willed in principle. This isn’t exactly true, as Marie was quite lazy and cared mostly for herself during her time as queen, and in addition, she did little to help the citizens, but also did not intentionally harm them. Therefore, she would deserve a True/Neutral more. Some extra details state that Marie loved baths and liked cleanliness, similar to her mother. The bath part is very much possible due to Marie’s wealth, but overall, there was little information on this, but since nothing falsifies either of those claims, I’ll take them both as accurate. (4/5)

Background 2 is far from accurate. It says that Marie was an “idol from birth”, and was loved and adored by all. While she was pretty, and perhaps even an idol by looks, she was never truly loved by the people, but instead despised and mocked of. The Background also states that Marie found joy in being a beloved image and conducted herself as expected, almost like a goddess. This is also quite false, as Marie, first, was not a loved image, and second, rebelled and disliked having to behave in specific ways as queen. In other words, she was nothing similar to a goddess. (1/5)

Background 3 states that Marie’s reputation has been restored in modern France, as she was revealed to have donated court expenses and provided support and care for the people despite the hate she falsely received. This is only partly true. Marie Antoinette is often related to the quote “Let them eat cake!” referring to her ignorance of the peasant’s poverty and lack of food. This quote, often used to show Marie as an evil figure, was never actually said by her, and overall, Marie never went out of her way to hurt the French citizens. However, she never provided direct support for them, instead enjoying her own wealth and engaging in frivolous pursuits. Today, Marie isn’t seen as the absolute worst of all, but is still used to show the ignorance of French nobles at the time. Her reputation is far from restored. (3/5)

Since Background 4 and 5 were covered previously (skills), I’ll just copy down the scores. (7/10)

Lastly, Background 6 states that Marie does not wish for the erasure of the “tragedy”, but instead wishes for the happiness of the people. I have no idea whether this is true or false, since these are all thoughts, but my guess is that Marie does wish for the happiness of the people, since she was noted for having excellent character by her tutor. However, her lazy nature prevented her from truly helping out the people during her life. As for the erasure of the “tragedy”, which I assume is her death, Marie’s attempts at escaping the mob shows that she probably does want to erase those events (aka. Not die). Overall, this part was a complete guess. (4/5)

Backgrounds – 19/30

Visual Design – (5%)

Visual design is a tricky thing to judge. Since no one has records of absolutely everything Marie Antoinette wore in her life, F/GO is free to take some liberties. So for this last section, I’ll be giving points based on correct details that match the time period or Marie Antoinette’s style. Also, I’ll be looking at all four ascensions.

The most notable feature of Marie Antoinette in all ascensions is her massive hat and long hair. Surprisingly, Marie’s hairstyle is quite accurate, albeit slightly altered. In life, Marie was famous for her intricate and extravagant hairstyles, with hair rising upwards and accessories covering the entire height, sometimes resembling a convoluted Christmas tree. One famous case included her arranging her hair to look like a navy frigate. About four times the size of her head, this “headgear” makes the long hair and huge hat Marie wears in-game very much plausible in comparison.

Great idea!

Some other features on her art are accurate as well. Marie, in life, was noted for having ash-blonde hair and gray-blue eyes, both of which are accurate in-game. The last detail to go over is her clothing. Marie Antoinette wore long dresses in life as expected of her during the era, which means the B-grade zettai ryouiki shown in-game is very much false. All in all, Marie Antoinette is pretty accurate in terms of design.

Visuals – 4/5


With a total score of 64/100, Marie is far from being accurate. However, a lot of interesting details were adopted into the game, the biggest example being the headgear. Perhaps her NP could have been more accurate, or more creative, as that was the biggest flaw in her kit. So yeah, Marie could use some work, but it could be worse. With that in mind, I deem Marie Antoinette a solid [True Name Discernment].







Thank you so much for checking this out. I want to continue working on this to improve as a writer, so please feel free to criticize. With that said, if you guys want me to analyze a specific servant next time, please message me. I’m currently planning on either Gilgamesh or one of the Fate/Apocrypha characters for the new anime. Thanks again!